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        THATSHIGH will attend Laser World of Photonics West China 2016

        Writer:ThatshighSource:http://www.photonics Number of visits: Date:2015-12-22
          THATSHIGH is a professional manufacturer of DKDP Q Switch; KTP crystals,Nd:YAG rods and orther laser components.  THATSHIGH will attend Laser World of Photonics China 2016 in Shanghai International EXPO center. From 15th March to 17th March, 2016. Booth number: W3,3465. Welcome to visit us!!
            THATSHIGHPhotoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2004, by several passionate young people who are characteristic of oversea research and management experience. We once had, are having, and hope to forever have a good feeling of working together.


        From the date of establishment, THATSHIGH has been sticking to its original orientation of being a professional producer of optical devices and related material, and a vigorous researcher of related technology.


         To meet the most updated requirement of solid-state laser and optical

        system, THATSHIGH never ceased to optimize its integrative competence of R&D, manufacture and services, to improve its internal management and quality control system, and thus to build its innovational power and market leadership target.


        Adhering to the tenet of customer-centric, we never slack the practice  of our company values which are also the ultimate criteria of our conducts. In short, we are doing our best to make THATSHIGH a reliable company with good reputation, high dignity and leadership position in specialized market.

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